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Hope Hearts for Education

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SLFCU is committed to raising $200,000 by the end of 2022 on behalf of the New Mexico Credit Unions Connected Academy (NMCUCA). This effort is helping build an endowment fund large enough to provide a long-term teaching position at the UNM Children’s Hospital (UNMCH). To help reach our goal, SLFCU branches sell Hope Hearts during February and September for any dollar amount. If you choose to donate, you will be given a Hope Heart to write your name. Hope Hearts will be displayed inside the branch for the month. This is a fun (and heart-filled) way for members to support the NMCUCA. Plus, at the end of those months, SLFCU will match all donations up to $5,000!


Why Support the NMCUCA?

During a significant health crisis, a child’s education often stops. If they miss more than 10 consecutive days of school, they are often disenrolled. High school dropout rates for children with chronic absenteeism due to health issues can be as high as 61%. To aid in helping children stay in school while hospitalized, SLFCU has joined six other credit unions to help fund a full-time teacher for the Mimbres School located inside UNM Children’s Hospital. If you’d like to learn more about this worthy cause and read inspiring stories about Mimbres School students, visit